Dedicated Flights

Our team can provide dedicated aerial photography flights across Canada at a moments notice, often in less than 48 hours.  We will work with you to ensure any required angles, altitudes, or lighting conditions are all covered to provide the highest quality aerial images possible.  Dedicated flights will provide you with the largest selection of images, and offer the most flexibility in choosing time of day and weather conditions.

Tag-on Flights

Tag-on flights are designed to be the most cost effective method for your aerial photography requirements.  By combining multiple clients into a single flight, we offer large cost savings versus a dedicated flight, while still providing the highest possible quality and wide selection of images.  We often have multiple flights per month in all major cities across Canada.

Vancouver · Calgary · Edmonton · Winnipeg · Toronto · Ottawa · Montreal

Included in our aerial packages

  • Full package of photos for each site from various angles and altitudes 
  • Licensing document for your images
  • Image processing of all images for optimum quality and colour
  • All permits or notifications required to access the area
  • Secure online access to all your final photos and documents
  • Optional USB thumb drive with photos and documents couriered directly to your office

Getting Started

Get in Touch

Call or email with some basic information about your project.  GPS coordinates, an address or map will work fine!


Every aerial photography mission has its own challenges.  We will look into the details for your requirements and get in touch if we have any questions!

Receive a Quote

We will send a detailed quote for our services.  Upon approval, we will begin taking care of all the logistics involved for the flight.

Fly the mission

Fly the mission and capture gorgeous aerial photos for you!

Give us a call: (403) 969-9796

We would be happy to discuss your aerial photography project, and answer any questions you may have.