With a background in engineering and a lifetime enjoyment of photography and art, I am pulled in many directions.  However a common denominator for my technical, emotional and artistic sides is the impact of a powerful image.  This is why I made the bold career decision to become an aerial photographer 15 years ago.  With my new business partner, talented photographer Dan Barnes (my helicopter pilot for a number of years), we are expanding our services for clients across Canada and around the world.


“A picture is worth a thousand words” resonates strongly with our clients.  For them, aerial photography is a valuable business resource for communicating, documenting and promoting with clarity and ease.  The aerial viewpoint is a unique one that captures the interest and imagination of the viewer.  Aerial photos offer a high return on investment in many ways.  Even though our clients are a diverse mix of multi-national corporations, government agencies and small businesses, most had never used aerial photography before.  So why do they keep coming back, year after year?  The feedback we get includes:


Documentation and Progress Reporting:  This is a primary undertaking of most construction, engineering, architectural, industrial and land development companies.  Having weekly, monthly or quarterly sets of up to date aerial photos makes reporting and documentation tasks easier and more accurate.


Communication: Aerial photos communicate the “big picture” in ways that few other images, graphics or words can ever hope to achieve.  Resolving just one technical or legal problem can pay back the cost of an entire annual photography program many times over.


Promotion:  Most of our clients started using aerial photography services for technical reasons.  However, as soon as the marketing folks got hold of a few aerials, they wanted them for all of their marketing materials, proposals, websites, corporate communications, advertisements, annual reports etc.  Plus, technical folks like the fact that aerial photos of their own projects were often front and centre of magazine covers and articles, technical award submissions, etc.  Providing aerial photography services to the marketing and Public Relations folks is one of the fastest growing segments of our business.


Office Décor and Corporate Gifting:  Having a nice cover shot or technical article in a trade magazine that sits on the coffee table in a company’s reception area is nice. But why not go big … with full sized framed prints that showcase the talents, accomplishments and facilities of an organization.  Many of our clients have gone this route … including a number that have replaced all of their dated office décor posters and “artwork” with high quality images of their projects, their facilities and accomplishments throughout their offices.  Stepping up the look of a modern office is an inexpensive option that clients, employees and the public will notice.    Similarly, aerial photos are a great corporate gift for clients (i.e. a construction company’s gift of a framed aerial photo of a completed client project) or for employee/contractor/vendor recognition and service awards.  Even the toughest construction worker appreciates a gift that showcases something that he or she has devoted hard work and skills towards achieving.


Why us?: A successful  aerial photography mission requires knowledge, planning, and precise execution to make all the pieces of the puzzle come together for a perfect aerial shoot. Our expertise in aviation, logistics and photography allows us to provide a turn-key service resulting in delivery of outstanding, unique aerial images to our clients. Our clients know that we deliver what we promise, and often more. Guaranteed.


A newly finished suburban community in the South of Calgary
Bow Building Construction
An aerial view of the Bow Building under construction in Downtown Calgary.
Downtown Toronto Skyline


Vancouver Convention Center