Alberta photographer Victor Liu captured these stunning aerial images of a fog blanketed sunrise in the Canadian Rockies during mid-winter.  What he shot was an incredible example of the powerful and inspirational views that can be taken in from the aerial perspective, and a big reason why we love our job so much!  A big thanks to Victor for allowing us to post them here!


His shots were taken from a two and a half hour helicopter flight along the Western edge of Alberta near the British Columbia border, stretching 200 miles above fog filled valleys of some of the finest landscapes Canada has to offer.  “It felt like being in a paradise with no civilization, but only miles and miles of beautiful landscape.  I especially love these pictures because they show a unique view of the Canadian Rockies, which I have been shooting from the ground for years, but only occasionally from the air.”


Victor described the flight as simply “paradise”.  We couldn’t agree more.

Canadian Rockies SunriseCanadian Rockies SunriseCanadian Rockies Fog Filled ValleysCanadian RockiesCanadian RockiesCanadian Rockies SunriseCanadian RockiesCanadian Rockies Mount Assiniboine


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