In early 2015 we had the unique opportunity to shoot aerial photographs over the city of Toronto from sunset right past dusk. The weather forecast had been clear but some lake effect snow had formed over the shores of Lake Ontario and pushed inland as the night progressed. It was also among the coldest night flights we’d ever performed with an ambient temperature of -22 Celcius. Removing the doors on the left side of our helicopter and travelling at 70 knots, we certainly had our work cut out for us.


Geared up with just about as much clothing as we could handle before we turned into an unmovable Michelin Man, we set off over the skies of Toronto to capture some amazing views of the city for our clients.  Kudos to our pilot Stefan at National Helicopters for enduring the bone chilling cold with us!


13-01-2015-1715Toronto City Skyline in WinterTorontoSkylineNight3-900pxTorontoSkylineNight2-900px TorontoSkylineNight-900px13-01-2015-03815-01-13-712TorontoSkylineNight5-900px13-01-2015-0970 TorontoSkylineNight6-900px



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