During the summer of 2012, we were hired to capture aerial images of the COSCO Container Ship “Yuehe” during it’s stop at the Fairview Container Terminal in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.  This 250 meter long cargo vessel travels the world transporting thousands of tonnes of goods, and was scheduled to be docked and unloaded over two days.  Our mission was to capture photos of her in port as well as under sail along Northwest Canada’s coastline.


Marine photography is often a challenging venture, as ships maintain a strict schedule during their stops often staying in port for as little as 24 hours.  They certainly don’t take into account the weather requirements for our aerial photography needs.  Time is money, and waiting for weather to clear is not an option.  We would have to work with what we get.  The weather forecasts had been stellar but as were on the Northwest coast of Canada, anything can happen.  Sure enough, on the evening we arrived, the fog started rolling in.


We had flown in a day early so we could be in place, ready our plans and brief our pilot on the shots we were looking for.  Unfortunately the heavy fog from the night before persisted over the area, and our helicopter was grounded until visibility improved.  We sat around for two days trying to keep ourselves busy, constantly watching the weather and discussing our options.  On the Yuehe’s scheduled day of departure, just as we feared the mission would have to be scrubbed, our luck changed and the wind shifted and the skies over Prince Rupert quickly began to clear of the fog that had blanketed the area since our arrival.


Even still during takeoff from the Seal Cove heliport we weren’t certain we’d be able to get the shots we needed, as our view was still of a large fog bank sitting close off the coast.  But minutes into our flight after rounding the corner of Mount Hays which had been blocking our view, we knew we were in for a spectacular scene.  The fog was starting to break up and offered us a few miles of beautiful clear skies and dark blue waters.


Here are a few of our favorites of what we captured.

Container Ship OverheadContainer Ship TurnContainer Ship Front


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