Although the majority of our aerial photography projects are of a commercial nature, our flights often take us over areas of incredible natural beauty.  The aerial perspective gives us a unique opportunity to see and document natural subjects in ways that would never be possible from the ground.

Sometimes it is the grand landscapes that stretch out to the horizon in all directions that mesmerize the artistic eye.  Other times, it is the zoomed in details of surreal, sometimes unidentifiable shapes, textures and patterns that intrigue and captivate one’s imagination.


Over the last 15 years of flying, I have learned that time “wasted” in extra hours of flight time over beautiful natural areas, is time well wasted.  I try to take advantage of every moment to enjoy mother nature’s big shows that few humans ever get the chance to experience.  Biggies for me for natural subjects from the aerial perspective include:


1. Flying over mountains and glaciers on a blue bird day, (Coastal Mountains of British Columbia, Kananaskis Country and Banff National Park, Alberta, etc.)

2. Shorelines with sand, waves, vegetation and rock formations (mudflats off of White Rock, BC; Lawrence River in Quebec, Cottage country north of Toronto, etc.)

3. Deserts and badlands (outside of Las Vegas, eroded landscapes around Drumheller, Alberta, etc.)

4. Amazing cloud formations in any part of the world

5. Sunrises and sunsets, and now, with the incredible advances in digital camera technology, that super short 15 minutes of the “blue hour” that occurs a few minutes after sunset each day.


Thought we would share a few images from the “fun” side of our aerial work.