*UPDATED August 2016

Brookfield Place – 247 meters

Brookfield Place Calgary is a full-block commercial development located between 1st & 2nd Streets and 6th & 7th Avenues SW in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; consisting of 220,000 square metres.  It recently surpassed the Bow Building in height and is now topped out at 247 meters.

Brookfield Place under ConstructionBrookfield Place, CalgaryBrookfield Place, Calgary


The Bow Building – 237 meters

The Bow is a 158,000-square-metre office building for the headquarters of Encana Corporation and Cenovus Energy, in downtown Calgary, Alberta. At 237 meters, the building is currently the tallest office tower in the city, and tallest in Canada outside Toronto.  Brookfield Place will soon supplant The Bow Building as the tallest skyscraper in Calgary.

15-03-25-0486The Bow Building


Suncor Energy Centre – 215 meters

The Suncor Energy Centre, formerly the Petro-Canada Centre is a 1,945,000 square foot project composed of two granite and reflective glass-clad office towers of 32 floors and 53 floors, situated in the office core of downtown Calgary, Alberta.  Standing at 215 meters, it is currently the second highest building in Calgary.



Eighth Avenue Place East Tower – 212 meters

Eighth Avenue Place is a twin office tower built on the former site of Calgary’s historic Penny Lane Mall build by Mateusz Ryzner. The project initially kept the Penny Lane name, however it has since been renamed.  With 49 floors and standing at 212 meters, it is currently the third tallest building in downtown Calgary.

26-01-2015-0198Eighth Avenue Place Towers, Calgary


Bankers Hall (East and West Towers) – 197 meters

Bankers Hall is a building complex located in downtown Calgary, Alberta, which includes twin 52-storey office towers, designed by the architectural firm Cohos Evamy in postmodern architectural style.  The first building, known as Bankers Hall East, is located at 855 2nd Street SW and was completed in 1989. It was followed in 2000 by Bankers Hall West, at 888 3rd Street SW. After its completion, they became the tallest twin buildings in Canada.

Bankers Hall Towers



Centennial Place I – 182 meters

Centennial Place is a set of 2 skyscrapers constructed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Named in honour of Alberta’s Centennial year, the complex includes an underground 5 level parkade with 793 stalls.  The higher of the two towers, Centennial Place I, stands at 182 meters to the top of its spire.



Devon Tower – 177 meters

Devon Tower is a skyscraper located at 400 3rd Avenue SW, it stands at 177 metres or 45 storeys tall. The building was completed in 1988 and was designed by WZMH Architects in the postmodern style.




TransCanada Tower – 177 meters

TransCanada Tower is an office tower located  at 450 1st Street SW, it stands at 177 meters or 38 storeys tall and was completed in 2001. It was designed by the architectural firm, Cohos Evamy.




Jamieson Place – 173 meters

Completed in 2009, Jamieson Place was designed by Gibbs Gage Architects, and stands 173 meters tall.  It holds approximately 755,000 sqft of office space, and is one of Calgary’s more iconic building designs with spectacular views of the building from Prince’s Island and the North side of the Bow River.

Jamieson Place, Calgary


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