Due to the heavy amount of smoke originating from wildfires burning in British Columbia, we’ve been notifying out clients to let them know of possible delays for any aerial photography flights in and around Central and Southern British Columbia as well as Alberta.  While we are still able to fly in smoky conditions, it does create a rather unpleasing warm colour cast across photos, and makes some angles very difficult (shooting into the sun through the smoke creates a soft box effect).

Currently we have advised clients to hold off flights in Vancouver, Kelowna, Prince George, Banff, Invermere, Calgary, and Edmonton until conditions improve.  Based on wind conditions some days have been better than others, and in some cases we’ve managed to get off the ground in completely clear conditions, but it’s all up to mother nature.

If you are currently planning aerial photography for your project and are located in British Columbia or Alberta, please get in touch with us as early as possible before your deadline.  We will work with you to plan a flight when the smoke conditions are either clear or as light as possible.

To view the latest forecast models for smoke visit FireSmoke.ca.