Our team is comprised of some of the most talented traditional aerial photographers in the country.  Using both helicopters and airplanes, we work to capture high quality and unique imagery for our clients from the aerial perspective.


Our advanced unmanned aerial vehicles are able to capture low altitude aerial photography, video, or data of your project site.  We carry UAV specific insurance and hold a standing Special Flight Operations Certificate with Transport Canada.


Search from our online database of thousands of exclusive high resolution stock aerial photos from across Canada covering a multitude of industries and subjects.  Available for royalty-free download directly to your desktop.  Updated weekly!

Take your imagery to new heights

Peak Aerials is a custom assignment and image licensing agency specializing in aerial visuals. We provide aerial photography and cinematography, as well as licensing our comprehensive aerial stock collection for advertising and communication purposes.

Our team is comprised of professional aerial photographers, helicopter pilots and UAV technicians.

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Projects large and small

We have tackled the most complex aerial projects for our clients.  All of our missions are completed with the highest level of quality and safety in mind.

Many of our clients have chosen us as their preferred aerial photography service provider.  We cover all of their projects for different departments and locations, thus providing a consistent and professional service that is done on time and on budget… Guaranteed!

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Aerial Photography is what we do

Peak Aerials is one of only a few photography companies specializing in aerials.  Since 1999, we have flown over 1500 successful aerial missions.  Our clients range from small consulting and marketing firms to the largest government and multi-national businesses.

By utilizing a wide range of helicopters, airplanes, and drones we work with our clients to help decide the best platform for your project area and budget.  It also means we’re able to capture aerial views of properties which would otherwise be impossible due to UAV restrictions.

Services Across Canada

We work across Canada from coast-to-coast year round.  We are licensed and insured with appropriate personal and liability insurance, WCB coverage, etc.

Multi-flight Packages

We offer competitive multi-flight rates for construction progress on a regular schedule; weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.  We have photographed some projects for many years, from pre-planning through to final completion.

Tag-on Flights

"Tag on" to our regularly scheduled photo flights that we conduct in major Canadian cities.  By combining multiple projects and multiple clients into one flight, there are considerable cost savings versus flying a dedicated, one site photo flight.

Stock Aerial Photos

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