Track project progress

Timelapse photos and videos created from the photos are powerful tools to document and showcase projects in ways that a single image cannot. Infrastructure, building construction, interior renovations, large item fabrication and assembly are just some of the applications that benefit from this technology.

24/7 remote access to the latest photos gives project managers, construction superintendents and other project personnel a valuable tool to assist with their responsibilities and decision making. As well, real-time photos and timelapse videos are highly engaging and are especially valuable for marketing, social media and public relations.

Please call or email us to discuss how timelapse photography may be a valuable tool for managing your project.


View live on-site progress remotely

Each time a camera takes a photo, it is immediately uploaded to a secure server using standard, on-board cellular technology. Anyone with a password protected account can view and download the most recent photos or access any of the date-stamped photos taken since the project started. There are valuable viewing tools that allow direct comparison of two photos taken at different times, as well as the ability to make a short timelapse video from a selection of photos.

Custom timelapse video

Create a full length timelapse video

At the end of your project we’ll provide you with a full length timelapse video from the full length of your project. Two or three years of construction can be turned into just minutes. We can also provide progress timelapse videos of specific sections or during times of increased construction activity for use in meetings and progress reports.

Built for the outdoors

Solar Powered, Weather Proof

Our camera systems are designed to stand up to the worst mother nature can throw at them, including harsh Canadian winters. They are completely self sufficient using a small solar panel and a backup battery, while utilizing cellular technology to send constant system updates.

Track progress with live documented photographs of your project

In the fast paced construction world, project managers, engineers and superintendents need every advantage to effectively manage complex projects. With up-to-date high resolution photographs of their project at their fingertips, our clients have found that an accurate photographic record is a valuable tool for making critical and timely decisions.


Capturing a full archive of date stamped photos makes communicating, documenting, and reporting easier.

Conflict Resolution

Resolve conflicts such as progress payments, legal and liability issues, neighboring residents or businesses, etc.


Public communications and promotion such as print, web, television, newspaper, trade magazines, etc.

Contractual commitments

Provide full photographic documentation of your project to meet contractual commitments.

View anywhere, anytime

View progress of your site anytime through our online server and mobile web app.


Coordinate planning efforts by viewing real time progress of your construction site.

Progress timelapse

We can create timelapse videos to highlight progress for important construction milestones as well as the full length of your project.

Online Showcase

Showcase the latest high resolution image of your project directly to your website.

Digital SLR Quality

Our systems are outfitted with 24 Megapixel DSLR cameras and provide every image at its highest resolution. This allows you to view minute details and zoom in on important details.

4G / LTE Connectivity

Photos of your project are sent back to our secure server via cellular networks, meaning you can see live updated photos literally seconds after they were taken.

Solar Powered

Completely self sufficient and require no external power hook ups. Utilizing solar panels, our cameras keep themselves charged and have a back up battery for times of low or no sunlight.

Custom Web App

A full archive of all your photos are available online, anywhere, on whatever device you own. Check project progress from the comfort of your home or office.

Weather Proof

Our camera systems are designed to stand up to the worst mother nature can throw at them. Even in the dead of winter, our cameras keep on clicking.

Easy Install

Our systems are simple to attach to any post or pole, and we also have non-penetrating roof mounts for rooftop locations.

Rental Rates

Pro Timelapse Camera System

Up to 12 months
$900per month
  • Online Portal Access
  • No setup fees
  • Timelapse Video
  • Archived High Resolution Photos

Pro Timelapse Camera System

Up to 24 months
$800per month
  • Online Portal Access
  • Custom Portal Branding
  • No setup fees
  • Timelapse Video
  • Archived High Resolution Photos

Pro Timelapse Camera System

Greater than 24 months
$700per month
  • Online Portal Access
  • Custom Portal Branding
  • No Setup Fees
  • Timelapse Video
  • Archived High Resolution Photos
Service Contracts

Included in our timelapse services

  • Rental of timelapse camera system(s) and mounting system.
  • No charges for standard installation and demobilization.
  • Server fees and data fees included
  • No setup fees or chargest for support calls or site visits, if required.
  • High resolution photos, sorted by time and date, are archived until project completion
  • Online portal for access to the photos and to download and distribute photos.
  • Password protected accounts for employees, superintendents, contractors, etc.
  • Online compare tool to overlay photos taken at different times and dates.
  • Online tool to create simple mini-timelapse videos for a specified time period
  • Professionally edited timelapse videos at agreed intervals and project completion