Aviation Aerial Photography

Take your image to new heights

Peak Aerials is the safe, professional choice for photographing your aircraft or other aviation assets across Canada. Our track record is impeccable with a history of safe operation from major airports across Canada. We understand the ins and outs of airspace regulations and are able to develop and file flight plans that will help your pilots or ground crews operate with confidence while we take care of the rest.

We communicate clearly, operate safely and capture stunning images of your aviation assets whether they are airborne or on the ground.

Our stock images can also help tell your organization’s story in a way that can take it to new heights. Our compelling images are often used for annual reports, marketing, special projects and more. Show your investors and customers a new perspective on your business with aerial photography.

Air to Air Photography

Capture stunning aerial imagery of your aircraft assets as well as helping to coordinate all the safety aspects of an air-to-air mission.

Air to Ground Photography

We can safely operate at airports large and small capturing any of your assets on the ground including aircraft, terminals, and airport facilities.


Safety is our number one priority

Safety is always our number one priority on complex air-to-air or air-to-ground missions. We closely coordinate our plans with both the pilots and air traffic control to ensure there is seamless communication and understanding of the mission.

Our team has worked extensively with both small airports and larger international airports with major international carriers.


Our experience

When planning a air-to-air or air-to-ground aerial photography mission, it is key to have knowledgeable staff that understand the complexities of shooting in a fast paced aviation environment. Our team has an extensive background in aviation including active commercial and instructional helicopter pilots.


Delivering quality and consistency

With thousands of aerial missions successfully completed for over 20 years, we have built a reputation for understanding the photographic needs of our clients. Our expertise with aviation, logistics and photography means we can deliver the best images possible to showcase your projects. They will be a cost-effective business tool for promoting, communicating, and documenting.

High Resolution Photos

We use image stabilized high-resolution professional cameras and lenses to capture images with remarkable detail and fidelity.

No Limits

By not charging by the photo, we simply deliver a set of excellent quality photos that will likely cover any current or future usages.

Digital Delivery

We use WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS, portable hard drives (couriered) or client supplied secure server access.

Royalty-Free License

Royalty-Free License: Use and re-use the images for any purposes you envision.