Construction Aerial Photography

Manage the progress of your construction project

In the highly competitive, fast-paced building industry, engineers, architects, planners, project managers, construction superintendents and other stakeholders rely on having accurate, up-to-date information to effectively manage and report on the ever-changing components of their construction project. Having a comprehensive, continuous photographic record, especially from the aerial perspective, is a proven and cost-effective tool for communicating, documenting, and managing information. Aerial photographs are a valuable resource to help bring your project to completion on-time and on-budget.

We have successfully completed hundreds of aerial missions of construction projects across Canada. These include major roads, bridges, interchanges and highways, infrastructure upgrades, office towers and commercial/retail buildings, apartment/condo complexes, water and sewage treatment facilities, subdivisions, dams, warehouses, factories, refineries and industrial complexes, public transportation projects, airports, recreational and sports facilities, parks, shopping centres, and land development projects.

Our clients include some of the largest design, construction, architecture, development and building companies in Canada. These include Graham Group, PCL, CH2M/Jacobs, ISL Engineering, Stantec, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, Canada Lands, Walton International, Hopewell, Westcreek Developments, City of Calgary, Enmax, Government of Alberta, Flat Iron, Matthew Southwest, Wilco, Aecon, Hatch, PNR Railworks, Ports Toronto, SNC – Lavalin, Whissel, Centron and many others.

If you have an upcoming project, get in touch today to see how we can help you move it forward, track its progress and provide outstanding visual images to showcase your dream becoming a reality.


Weekly, monthly, or quarterly aerial photographs of your project

Every month our clients rely on us to provide high quality, up-to-date aerial photos covering every aspect of their projects … from large scale overviews to zoomed in details as small as a manhole cover, or less.

For smaller scale projects over the span of a single construction season, we create ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ sets of aerial photos. For larger projects that are underway for years, we are able to fly progress aerials monthly or quarterly, supplemented with extra flights during the busy summer construction season or at milestone events.


Documenting a project with aerial photos makes communicating, documenting, and reporting easier.

Conflict Resolution

Resolve conflicts for progress payments, legal and liability issues, neighboring residents and businesses etc.


Public communications and promotion such as print, web, annual reports, television, newspapers, trade magazines, etc.

Contract Obligations

Meeting contractual commitments to provide photographic documentation on an on-going basis.


Help identify and address health and safety issues.

Save Time

Save time by having an accurate, up-to-date visual representation of your project during team meetings.


Visualize onsite assets and completed work to assist with preparation and planning.


Document important milestone events to help showcase and communicate your services.

Take your image to new heights

Aerial photos let your teams see the big picture.

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Aerial Photography across Canada

We offer flat rates on all our projects

Our policy is to provide our clients with a single fixed fee quote for our services. Barring an approved change of scope, our quote is the amount you will see on you invoice. No surprises, no excuses. Any costs associated with weather delays, travel issues, or rejection of a flight plan by Air Traffic Control are our responsibility.

Available across Canada

Single point of contact for all your locations across Canada

We offer aerial photography in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and most places in between! We are able to capture aerial images of all your properties across Canada on time and on budget. You can ensure the same level of quality and service across all the images we provide, while dealing with a single contact for ease of communication.

Toronto Night Skyline

Delivering quality and consistency

With thousands of aerial missions successfully completed for over 20 years, we have built a reputation for understanding the photographic needs of our clients. Our expertise with aviation, logistics and photography means we can deliver the best images possible to showcase your projects. They will be a cost-effective business tool for promoting, communicating, and documenting.

High Resolution Photos

We use image stabilized high-resolution professional cameras and lenses to capture images with remarkable detail and fidelity.

No Limits

By not charging by the photo, we simply deliver a set of excellent quality photos that will likely cover any current or future usages.

Digital Delivery

We use WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS, portable hard drives (couriered) or client supplied secure server access.

Royalty-Free License

Royalty-Free License: Use and re-use the images for any purposes you envision.