Oil & Gas Aerial Photography

Show your project in the best light

Using small aircraft and helicopters, we capture high resolution aerial images and video of client projects, sites and events. We take care of all the details including chartering suitable aircraft, obtaining necessary permits and permissions and preparation of flight plans and photo lists. Our clients depend on us to understand their requirements. They tap into our expertise and recommendations on how to best achieve their goals. Our years of aerial experience allow us to tackle even the largest, complex aerial photography projects in any location, while maintaining the highest level of quality and safety.

Oil & Gas

Give your stakeholders the big picture

Engage with your stakeholders with up-to-date aerial photos showing the progress of your project in superb detail. Our high resolution images are perfect for web use, social media, magazine covers, presentations, or even large format prints.


Documenting a project with aerial photos makes communicating, documenting, and reporting easier.

Conflict Resolution

Resolve conflicts for progress payments, legal and liability issues, neighboring residents and businesses etc.


Public communications and promotion such as pring, web, annual reports, television, newspapers, trade magazines, etc.

Contract Obligations

Meeting contractual commitments to provide photographic documentation on an on-going and regular basis.


Help identify and address health and safety issues.

Save Time

Save time by having an accurate, up-to-date visual representation of your project during team meetings.


Visualize onsite assets and completed work to assist with preparation and planning.


Document important milestone events to help showcase and communicate your services.


Delivering quality and consistency

With thousands of aerial missions successfully completed for over 20 years, we have built a reputation for understanding the photographic needs of our clients. Our expertise with aviation, logistics and photography means we can deliver the best images possible to showcase your projects. They will be a cost-effective business tool for promoting, communicating, and documenting.

High Resolution Photos

We use image stabilized high-resolution professional cameras and lenses to capture images with remarkable detail and fidelity.

No Limits

By not charging by the photo, we simply deliver a set of excellent quality photos that will likely cover any current or future usages.

Digital Delivery

We use WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS, portable hard drives (couriered) or client supplied secure server access.

Royalty-Free License

Royalty-Free License: Use and re-use the images for any purposes you envision.